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Website restyling for a prestigious brand.

has been a point of reference for high-quality, Made in Italy furniture since 1976. Their 3000m2 showroom showcases carefully curated interior design displays and is at the heart of their brand identity: our mission has been to create a website that could just as strongly convey the over 40 years of dedication for excellence.⠀

The project

Devincenti's new online presence was a challenge because of the multifaceted nature of the brand. On one side, the need to enhance their many services, on the other, the will to showcase 10 years' worth of projects. The outlet section was also relevant in weight and role: a variety of content that required a completely custom website.

Brand Identity

Devincenti’s interior design solutions are synonymous with unprecedented quality. Our priority was for their website to reflect their unique blend of tradition, trend and technology both in its aesthetics and in its user experience, by making it efficient and unusual. In a business as competitive as theirs, our objective was to set them apart by enhancing their intrinsic uniqueness.