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Sermoneta Tour

A city and its paths.

Conveying a city through a tour structured in paths, especially if these are expressed with Google Maps but on unregistered roads, certainly has its challenges.

The project

Alongside Massimo Calabro and in collaboration with the Lazio Region we strived to enhance the scenic city of Sermoneta through five itineraries – Cultural, Naturalistic, Sport-based, Wine-and-Gastronomy and Miscellaneous – and seven paths with different levels of difficulty and length. The narration is completed by a section dedicated to Sermoneta folklore – gathering traditions and anecdotes as told by experts and locals – and by two sections concerning Events and Sports.

Technical details

The complexity of this projects stemmed from having to harness Google services so that the path map could be fully customizable. Aside from this, many paths weren't registered on Google Maps, and had to be traced through system APIs.