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With its collections, Calzitaly wants to satisfy the needs of every type of customer, without sacrificing quality, comfort and determination.

Calzitaly doesn’t just sell socks, but style. And the online shop is a unique shopping experience, designed for our daily well-being.


The challenge was to create an intuitive website, easy to navigate, capable of highlighting the vast range of products offered and at the same time highly performing.

We therefore developed a customized e-commerce for order and stock management, with several customized integrations, including a corporate CRM and a logistics system. The site design was designed to enhance the beautiful photos of the products and the user experience was designed to be simple and engaging, in order to guide users in their search of the desired products.


✔️ Visits to the shop increased by +28%.

✔️ Newsletter subscriptions constantly increasing, from new and old customers of the brand.

✔️ Less than 3 seconds is the optimized site loading time.

Marketing Strategy


Shop visits

Marketing Strategy


Newsletter subscription rate

How we did it

1. Analysis and Marketing Strategy
We carried out an in-depth analysis to find the solution best suited to Calzitaly’s needs, guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency for the customer and an excellent purchasing experience for consumers.

1. Personalized and optimized e-commerce
We designed the graphics and UI/UX of the site from scratch to ensure intuitive navigation and a unique shopping experience.

To further improve the purchasing phase, we have created a tailor-made check-out, with the Afterpay integration< /strong> to spread the payment in 3 installments and optimize conversions. We have therefore developed a custom e-commerce for managing orders and stocks with an area for sales to B2B users, integrating it with the company CRM and external logistics.

We wanted to create a site that combined the technical aspect with the emotional one, with particular attention to the satisfaction of customers and creators who have had the opportunity to purchase the brand.

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