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Jeep® Outfitter creates the only official Jeep® apparel on the market-a multifaceted business that needed a single point of reference for its digital needs. Someone who would create an e-commerce that could handle large quantities of orders, but also structure promotions around it every two weeks, handle social media management and marketing, customer retention activities, and more. All in 5 languages, and following the rules of two Jeep® brand strategy manuals to the letter.


Jeep® Outfitter’s priority was handling large quantities of orders, shipments, returns, and promotions on a tight schedule. In our redesign of their e-commerce, we started from scratch by prioritizing loading speed, optimal sales-oriented navigation, and visual alignment with official brand guidelines.
Their goal was to stand out as the first and only retailer of official Jeep® apparel and, as a result, increase sales.

Activities performed

  • E-commerce website in 5 languages
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing


Retention strategy

  • Newsletter funnel cart abandoned
  • Retention card
  • Winback sequence


Newsletter strategy in 5 languages

  • Welcome sequence
  • Pre-launch, launch, nurturing, urgent promo
  • Abandoned cart
  • Winback sequence


✔️ Jeep® Outfitter now has a custom-sewn high-performance e-commerce in 5 languages and 5 macro sections, including two promo zones that are constantly being updated: thanks to our optimizations, we have increased sessions by 15%.

✔️ During our collaboration, we implemented 6 promotions, one every two weeks and in 5 languages, generating the best sales over 30 days in the past 4 years.

✔️ Our newsletter funnel, consisting of welcome sequence, abandoned cart, winback sequence and pre-launch, launch, nurturing and urgency communications dedicated to current promos, generated over 45k sal

Marketing activities


Best 30-day turnover over the past 4 years

Website traffic


Compared with the previous year

How we did it

Once the ecommerce implementation was finished, over the course of a year, we also took over the total management of all social media management, influencer marketing, lead generation, promotion management, MOFU, TOFU and BOFU funnel marketing via newsletters, ads, quizzes and SMS.

This horizontal management of the entire Jeep® Outfitter reality has allowed us to not only achieve the best 30-day sales in the last 4 years, but also solidify their brand image as an industry authority and the sole holder of official Jeep® apparel.

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