Best coffee, best price: this is the philosophy of Kaffito, an Italian company that deals with the online sale of capsules and pods from the best coffee producers.

Thanks to its wide selection of products, inimitable prices, express shipping, but above all its totally digital and innovative identity, Kaffito is a unique reality on the Italian scene, which was also noticed by the newspaper “Il Tempo”.


Kaffito needed a 100% custom e-commerce capable of managing orders, shipments, and product stock with integrated features such as bundle and promotion creation, corporate CRM, and external logistics.

But the technical side is not enough.
Kaffito required a website that could offer its customers an intuitive, fast and complete experience, from product search to the moment of purchase.


✔️ Maximum speed. By optimizing loading times, Kaffito provides a faster and more pleasant experience. This is proven by the data: user dwell time has increased by +37%.
Moreover, with just a few clicks and in just 24 hours, consumers can enjoy their coffee directly at home.

✔️ Increase in sales. +170% increase in sales over the previous year with a conversion rate of +72%.

*Data refer to June 2022, the launch month of the new e-commerce, compared to the same period in the previous year.



Compared with the previous year



Conversion rate

UX – User Experience

3 clicks

To get from home to checkout quickly


less than 3 sec

Average page load time

How we did it

1. The custom design of the new e-commerce
Graphics, User Interface and User Experience: everything was designed and engineered from scratch to meet every customer and consumer need.
The result? A customized, high-performance e-commerce with high loading performance (less than 3 seconds).

2. SEO
To increase the visibility of the Kaffito site and reach new customers, we implemented the SEO service, optimizing the site for search engines. In this way, we get more organic traffic and have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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