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“We are creators, engineers, visionaries and strategists. Together, we think about how things connect. We have to push the boundaries of imagination to enter tomorrow. That’s how we win. That’s how we become uynners,” Marco Redini explains the identity of UYN, an acronym for UNLEASH YOUR NATURE.

Since 1950, Trerè lnnovation, the company that owns the brand, has been investing in research and technology to innovate the textile industry and the production of high-performance clothing. The goal is to provide UYN customers with maximum performance with extraordinary comfort through the most advanced materials and refined functionality.


Just as in the production of its garments, UYN has also focused on innovation in terms of digital communication. The need to stay abreast of new technologies and take full advantage of the potential for online promotion and commerce prompted the company to rely on us. In 2021, UYN chose to revamp its online presence not only visually, but also in terms of performance, choosing to improve the user experience of its e-commerce to increase revenue.

The company also asked us to optimize its marketing strategy by improving its customer retention level and increasing the average cart value.

To increase brand visibility, UYN also entrusted us with the management of an Influencer marketing campaign: from selection, to the brief, including all activity management to reporting.


✔️ Increased turnover. The design of the new e-commerce has greatly improved the user experience by making each purchase easier, more intuitive, and faster. This resulted in a 20 percent increase in sales compared to the year prior to our collaboration.

✔️ Increase in average cart value. The marketing strategy allowed not only to increase the number of customers who made acuists online, but also their average spend thereby optimizing every penny invested in attracting the user to e-commerce and improving ROAS (return on ads spent).

✔️ Increased trust and brand awareness. Precise and effective planning of the influencer marketing strategy resulted in a significant increase in the company’s social content coverage. More than 220,000 new people learned about the UYN brand through influencer content, and in just 4 months the company’s profile organically gained nearly 10,000 new followers.

✔️ Increasing the level of interconnection. The site connects with all departments in the company, thus enabling improved internal communication and efficient work processes. There are now fewer obstacles to collaboration between teams.



In the first year of marketing management strategy

AOV – Medium Wheelbarrow


average spending per user on new e-commerce

UX – User Experience

3 clicks

to get from homepage to checkout quickly



in just 3 months of influencer marketing

How we did it

1. The design of the new e-commerce
We worked to create an innovative site that was inspired by the design of UYN products. Our experience allowed us to develop an architecture and content organization that facilitates navigation and customer shopping experience. In fact, it only takes 3 clicks to go from the home page to product check-out.

To increase the average shopping cart of buyers, we have integrated Scalapay, an installment payment system. This solution is particularly useful for increasing sales and meeting customer needs.

In addition, we have programmed a configurator that suggests the most suitable collection based on temperature and intensity of physical activity, thus helping customers choose the best performing garment for the occasion of use. This personalized feature is a great example of how innovative technologies can improve the customer shopping experience and increase sales.

2. The marketing strategy
To promote UYN products, our marketing team structured an ad hoc strategy by taking advantage of the seasonality of the products with different promotions. After increasing the level of brand awareness through a TV commercial, we focused on the conversion goal. The main channels used to increase traffic to the online shop were sponsored campaigns on social media and newsletter campaigns, which performed well enough to record a 20 percent increase in sales in one year. How did we achieve this? We used targeted promotions as well as upsell and cross-sell techniques to increase the value of the average shopping cart by up to 62%.

3. Influencer marketing
We had a goal: 10,000 followers in just three months. and we achieved it, thanks to the collaboration of more than 15 successful influencers and a strategy tailored to highlight UYN’s products and company values.

Starting with the research of influencers, we selected those best suited to the brand, with a similar profile to UYN’s target audience and a high level of engagement and interaction with their audience.

Next, we created a targeted marketing campaign based on strategic but real and engaging planning.


As a result of growing notoriety, the company has become a benchmark in the functional apparel industry and has been able to forge partnerships with internationally renowned brands and personalities.

BUGATTI and UYN have joined forces in an exclusive partnership to bring to life the “UYN for BUGATTI” line: a collection destined to set new standards of performance in clothing and footwear. We curated the communication of this collaboration to make the most of the joint work of the two entities and told the story of the perfect integration of technology and luxury materials in a new clothing line.

Another project we covered is the first collection of shoes designed by Patricia Urquiola, architect, designer, visionary, made in Italy by UYN. The creative vision of an international archistar meets the most advanced textile technology. The result is a modern and innovative shoe, a true design object.

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