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Dialma Brown was born from Gianluigi Marchi’s decades of experience in the furniture and furniture manufacturing industry, and is a young and dynamic company with numerous outlets in Italy and abroad. Its Made in Italy products are an expression of different styles ranging from classic to modern.

In 2023 the company was transformed and two distinct collections were born: Officine Brown and Dialma Lifestyle. The first a contemporary proposal for the modern home with an innovative and minimalist appeal. The second, a more eclectic collection.


Dialma Brown chose to entrust Beconcept with its digital communication since 2019, when it chose to update its online presence to target not only B2B, but also its end customers, giving them the opportunity to buy its products through an e-commerce.

In addition to the implementation of the shop, the company asked us to set the optimal Marketing Strategy to achieve the different goals: to increase the brand visibility, to expand its community on social networks and, as a result, to increase the turnover by maximizing sales on the B2B and B2C side.

Our relationship with the company was solidified in 2023, when the brand split into 2 separate identities by inaugurating the more minimal and modern Officine Brown collection . To communicate this change, we revamped the company’s website and took care of the multi-channel launch strategy by creating an emotional video for the occasion.


✔️ Increased sales. Thanks to the online shop Dialma Brown made its products available directly to its end customers, increasing sales and profit margin.

✔️ Expansion of dealer network. The communication strategy for the launch of Officine Brown drew attention to the brand by introducing it to new B2B customers.

✔️ Community expansion. Suffice it to say that we went from 10 thousand to more than 20 thousand followers thanks to our social media strategy, increasing the engagement rate.

Marketing Strategy


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How we did it

1. The launch of the new brand
To communicate the distinction of the company into 2 new brands, we planned a 360° strategy by designing the new website and renewing the communication style on social media. With the aim of giving maximum visibility to the launch campaign, we also created an emotional video that attracted the attention of many new potential customers. The design of the new site played a key role in communicating the company’s transformation and 2-brand distinction. The new UI follows new design trends and the evolution of the Dialma Brown style. The site was awarded and received the international “Favourite web design” certification as the best site in 2023.

2. Marketing strategy
The promotion of the shop was made possible through long-term planning and the implementation of a multi-channel strategy. We created more touch points with possible buyers by taking advantage of offers and promotions to make the products more attractive. The channels used were Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Newsletter. On Black Friday, communication focused on creating anticipation towards the offer and collecting contacts for a VIP list through a landing page. A winning strategy that generated 78% of total purchases: thanks to our ads, new users were convinced to join the list and, with the receipt of a targeted email sequence, eventually made purchases on the e-commerce.

3. E-commerce design and development
For the design of Dialma Brown’s shop, we combined aesthetics and functionality in order to be able to maximize the peculiarities of each product and the eclectic style of the brand as well as to make user navigation intuitive and fast in order to facilitate the online purchase phase. Every detail of the product page was taken care of to provide clear information to the user and integrated with marketing elements such as alerts and scarcity and urgency icons. Already after the first week of launch, the e-commerce has recorded more than 72 thousand visits.

🏆 Awards and honors

Dialma Brown’s new site design has been honored by several international bodies of creative professionals who select the best useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful digital experiences and honor them with recognition. In particular, Dialma Brown’s site was honored by:

  • Best CSS
  • Wd awards
  • Design nominees

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