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Marchi Kitchens is a leader in the woodworking and luxury kitchen industry. Since 1976 it has been committed to providing its customers with quality products that meet the highest standards, combining timeless design with the traditional art of woodworking.


For decades the first choice of many families and businesses, Marchi Kitchens is also seeing its reach expand to the world of the web. The goal was clear: to create a strong online identity that best represented the brand’s values while managing to speak to customers directly and efficiently.

Social Media

A key point of contact with customers, Marchi Kitchens needed a renewed, more direct online presence.


History, services, contacts: the whole world of Marchi Kitchens to be efficiently organized in an up-to-date site, always close to the customer.


For a real breakthrough in sales, Marchi Kitchens’ new e-commerce had to be practical and functional.


✔️ First on Google! We brought Marchi Cucine to the top position on Google Italy and Germany for the keyword “Kitchens Made in Italy”

✔️ Stronger, bigger. 400% increase in Engagement Rate on Instagram and followers almost doubled. 750,000 unique hits on the website in less than 3 years.

✔️ ROAS of 15,06%. Record revenue in a single weekend generated with a promotional campaign designed on the new Brand Awareness, recording a ROAS of 15.06%.

SEO Ranking


For the keyword “Made in Italy Kitchens

Engagement rate


On Instagram profile in less than 3 years

ROAS record

6.7 X

In a single weekend

Unique accesses to the website


In less than 3 years

How we did it

Revamping the online presence, putting together an updated website, and creating an e-commerce that really worked: clear on the goals, all we had to do was get to work. We operated mainly by following three basic points.

1. Customer contact
The communication that until then characterized Marchi Cucine was set up in such a way as to be distant from the customer. The images that were offered on social media came exclusively from the catalog and did not represent what we all look for in a living space: warmth, humanity, intimacy.

For this reason, we reinvented Marchi Cucine’s communication line by proposing a different approach: now, the tone of voice gets closer to the customer by creating empathy and dialogue, while the images come directly from the homes of those who chose Marchi Cucine.

We have therefore harnessed the power of User Generated Content Marketing, managing to optimize the flow of content and, at the same time, showing the more human side of the brand.

2. Functional and user-friendly website
Marchi Cucine’s new website had to best represent the brand’s renewed desire to want to get involved in the digital world. For this reason, we developed a website designed ad-hoc for Marchi Cucine and, above all, for its customers. The new website, in fact, not only presented a graphic look such as to show itself close to customers by explaining the world of Marchi Cucine at its best, but also saw the addition of a new functionality.

Find Your Kitchen is the new section of the Marchi Kitchens website where, thanks to a special algorithm developed by us, each customer can find the kitchen of his or her dreams based on the preferences expressed.

3. E-commerce and SEO
Last but not least was the creation of a new e-commerce. Having a clear, simple and sales-focused platform now turns out to be indispensable for all businesses that want to reach more customers through digital. For us, Marchi Cucine represents the perfect example of combining a highly efficient e-commerce platform we created with a targeted SEO strategy that generates new organic traffic and, as a result, goes on to expand the audience of interested customers.

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