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Taylor Mega, a well-known Italian influencer, dreamed of creating an app that would go beyond the usual fitness offerings and showcase every facet of the Mega Fitness world in a comprehensive and engaging way. Her idea was to offer her fans a unique and interactive experience, including customized workout programs, weekly videos, nutrition tips, news and exclusive live streams.


From the very first moment she presented her project, it was clear that her main goal was to create a large community of fans, offering them the opportunity to participate in Mega Fitness activities and to feel a part of the world Taylor Mega was creating.


Taylor’s dream took shape in an app that was easy to navigate, efficient and visually appealing. In fact, the launch recorded:

✔️ Over 30,000 registrations in less than 30 minutes
✔️ +126% conversion (app download) compared to the average landing page
✔️ The app’s features have allowed new users to constantly grow, increasing the level of retention of subscribers:
✔️ Over +40,300 people are now part of the megafitnesscommunity, the training community most loved by women
✔️ The abandonment rate of members is only 7%

App subscriptions


In the first 30 minutes of launch

App donwloads


Conversions compared to the landing page average



People registered in the Mega Fitness community

Member abandonment rate


Against 60% of the app average

How we did it

We designed the Mega Fitness app for Taylor, focusing on the needs and preferences of his community. The Mega Fitness app not only offers its members a vast selection of training videos, but also includes a series of specific features that aim to increase user engagement. In fact, members can:

  • Comment on each video
  • Leave personal notes on your training every day
  • Write down information about your mood
  • Interact with Taylor through a dedicated News section where extra tips on training, nutrition and motivation are shared

Thanks to these features, the Mega Fitness app becomes a fundamental tool for supporting members in achieving their fitness goals, creating a community of enthusiasts who support and motivate each other.

The technology chosen for the creation of the web app is Strapi, the headless CMS that allows the customer to insert content easily into the app and also to manage users independently. TheStripe integration has made it possible to obtain a complete and simple to integrate payment gateway. To this the customer decided to add PayPal to allow users of the web app to pay for subscriptions to the service in a simple and intuitive way. Stripe and PayPal are joined by Netlify and Digital Ocean. Solutions used by all developers who create modern websites and web applications.

While the development team was completing the app, the marketing team took care of the launch and onboarding strategy. Starting from a social campaign we guided potentially interested users through a funnel with automated newsletter sequence up to the landing page. The latter was designed to specifically explain how the app works, capture the reader’s interest and encourage him to download the app. Fitness, the launch strategy and onboarding through dedicated Landing Pages and Funnels.

Taylor also presented the app that we created for her during an episode of Muschio Selvaggio together with Fedez, Luis Sal and Benedetta, explaining what features distinguish it from other training apps.

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